A Tale Of Three Sisters

How our amazing journey started

CFC was started by our family who were faced with three elderly sisters needing residential care because of their deteriorating health. One had only physical health needs resulting from her Crohn’s Disease; another had Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s and the third suffered from anxiety and depression. We thought that we would have to sell the homes of all three sisters in order to pay their Care Home fees.

Our family, made up of teachers, lawyers and businessmen, started to research the issue of Care Home fees. We became aware of NHS Continuing Healthcare and began to research this. NHS Continuing Healthcare is where the NHS pays all of the fees charged by a Care Home. We learned that if a person has social care needs, they have to pay for their care but if the needs are healthcare needs, the NHS has a duty to pay.  Armed with this knowledge, we applied for NHS Continuing Healthcare for all of the sisters. We worked together to put forward the reasons why we believed that they had health needs which made them eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

We were given information by many people including health and social care professionals such as:

  • If your mother has money, she will have to pay for her care

  • If your mother has savings of more that £23,000, she will have to pay for her care

  • You will have to sell your mother’s house to pay for her care

  • If there is someone else living at your mother’s house, they will have to leave

  • The NHS will only pay if your mother is in a specialist care home


We persevered……

It was a very difficult time for us on many levels, not least on an emotional level. However eventually, we were granted the funding. The NHS paid for all of their care including the Care Home fees.

Since then, we have helped friends to navigate the complexities of the care system and to fight for the free NHS Continuing Healthcare which is their entitlement.

Our family now work together and have formed our company, Care Fees Covered.

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a complex process and can be difficult to understand. Many people believe that they have to pay for residential care and many people are told this by health care professionals and social workers. But the law is very clear: The National Health Service is free at the point of use. It doesn’t depend on a person’s age or on where they receive that care.  If they have health needs, the NHS will pay. Social care IS means tested and you will have to pay.  However, if you have needs because of a health problem, the NHS will pay. This applies not only to someone in residential care but also to someone in their own home.

We feel that we are now in a position to help other families. Because of the experience we have gained over the last 5 years, and our 100% success rate, we feel confident that we can help others who are experiencing this problem, to apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

We are happy to help you on a No Win No Bonus Basis.

If we are successful, we charge £4,000 – see our charges page for the simple details.