Our Charges

How we charge our clients for our expertise

At Care Fees Covered, we have a clear and transparent charging policy for all our clients, regardless of the complexity of the patient’s needs. This ensures that all our customers are fully aware of how we charge and how much we charge.

The initial consultation

We will provide you with a FREE up to sixty-minute consultation. During this time, we will discuss with you the patient’s healthcare needs and help you understand how the process of applying for NHS CHC works. After the initial consultation, we understand that you may wish to have time to consider what has been discussed. If you decide that you would like us to help you, we will then ask you to sign our client engagement letter.

Preparing and completing the decision support tool prior to the MDT meeting

On average, a case takes between 40-80 hours, but each case is different and comes with a different set of challenges. We need your help to access all the appropriate data, evidence and reports needed. This allows us to prepare the case thoroughly for the meeting with the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) and fully complete the patient and families input into the Decision Support Tool (DST) which is the toolkit used at the MDT meeting to decide on the patient’s CHC needs. We will discuss the patient’s health needs in detail in advance of the MDT meeting and ensure we have the strongest and most accurate, up to date representation of the patient’s healthcare needs.

The fees explained.


Initial consultation : FREE (up to 1 hr)

Further consultations: £50 per hour thereafter


NHS CHC Application Service

The maximum fee for our ‘Application Service’ is £6,000

This is split down as follows:

  1. preparing the DST – £1,250

  2. representation at the MDT meeting – £750

  3. upon being awarded NHS Continuing Healthcare – £4,000 or:

  4. upon being awarded NHS-Funded Nursing Care – £1,250

We always charge for preparing the DST and the MDT meeting, but the rest is dependent upon a successful outcome – No win, no fee!

NHS CHC Appeals Service

There may be situations when you would like us to complete an appeal on an unsuccessful CHC decision or in order to have a successful decision backdated.

Completing an appeal – £1,250

Bonus for successful appeal – 25% of the amount awarded or £4,750 (based on which ever is the highest)