Meet our Team



Craig is a former senior executive for Asda Stores and has held a number of head office posts over his 20 years employment there. Craig has a degree and a  Business Management qualification from Manchester University.

Craig has a thorough understanding of the NHS Framework and the Continuing Healthcare process and will be able to offer the  guidance which you require to complete your application for NHS Continuing Healthcare and help make this complex process simple for you to understand and get through.

Craig first became involved in NHS Continuing Healthcare through his family when  a number of members became unwell and turned to the NHS for care. It became obvious very quickly that a deeper understanding of CHC was needed in order to get family members the care they needed and more importantly to not spend all their savings in doing so. Armed with this knowledge and practice, Craig is ready to help.



Susan is a former teacher and holds a Master’s Degree in research.

Susan has a wide experience in Continuing Healthcare and has helped many people to secure NHS Continuing Healthcare. Her first success was in 2012 when she secured funding for her mother’s Nursing Home fees. She then helped her cousins and also colleagues and friends to secure the funding for their family members. As her success became more known, her reputation grew and she began to receive enquiries by recommendation. She has now left teaching to concentrate on NHS CHC.

Continuing Healthcare is complex and each patient’s health needs present differently. Susan has carried out extensive research into Continuing Healthcare so that she can offer her clients the best advice possible in applying for NHC CHC.